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August 10, 2016 10:39AM
By HS Photography
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This session started out as a small family session of four and changed to a full family session of 14! It was so great meeting all the parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunt and uncle and kids! The great grandparents were such a hoot! I asked them to hold hands and Ruth just laughed and said, "He didn't even hold my hand when we were dating!" They've been married for 71 years! What a beautiful life they've shared together! I'd love to hear their stories!

It was very special for me to have the opportunity to photograph this family!


May 07, 2016 6:26PM
By HS Photography
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10 things I want my mom to know this Mother's Day

  1. Nothing brings me more peace and comfort than knowing you're there for me.

  2. I'll never forget the time you came to rescue me from a wasp (That, in my hurry to run away from, threw my hair crimper on the bed) and you jumped on my bed to kill it and burned your leg on the crimper. I still feel terrible for that.

  3. One of the best compliments anyone’s ever given me is that I look like you, because you really are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Inside and out.

  4. You taught me what true courage and strength are. You have endured far more than you should have ever had to and have remained so strong through it all.

  5. I’m terrified of losing you someday. I can’t even fathom it.

  6. No matter how much I love my husband, my children, my inlaws, my best friend. . . .NO ONE can ever replace YOU. You are my mother.

  7. Thank you for telling me you're proud of me.

  8. I am proud of you too. I'm so proud of the Woman that you've grown to be in the past 18 years!

  9. Even though I always complain about the couple of “bad” things I got from you, I'm thankful that I have your tender heart, your kindness and sometimes, even your attitude :)

  10. No matter where I go or what I do in this life, so much of my heart is, and always will be, yours.

  11. Yes, I know I said 10 but there's a couple more I have to add. . . . .If I am able to become half of the woman you are, I'll consider myself blessed.

  12. I. LOVE. YOU.

October 23, 2015 2:16PM
By heather smith
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I loved meeting The Hosman family a couple evenings ago! Their sweet girl who called be "Feather" is a natural beauty and their 2 month old that looks like he's pushing 5 months old was good as gold! Here's their sneak peek!

August 04, 2015 2:03PM
By Heather Smith
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Your kids will soon be going back to school. Time for new clothes, backpacks, tuition and yes. . . .SCHOOL PICTURES. Generally we pay about $40 per child for their new school pictures. They're generic and boring. You only get one pose and they look just like last years pictures and the year before. And, if you're a homeschooling family, like mine, you may not get any "official" pictures and just snap a few with your cell phone camera.. . . .Let's change that! What if you could get awesome Back to School pictures for all your children, spend less money AND Feed hungry kids from SEVEN schools in our community for one price? You Can! Schedule your Back to School mini session with me today. I can only take sessions for Saturday, August 15. Times are limited.


Cost | $85 PLUS 15 donated food items from the list below.

You'll receive:

*a 15-20 minute mini session for your (1-3) children (If you have additional children, we can either schedule another session Or accept more donations in exchange of payment)

*at least 15 fully retouched high resolution images from your session, available via digital download

*print release, so you can print your images.


$10 from your paid fee AND all your food donations will be hand delivered to Debi O'Dell of Elk River Backpack Blessings. This is a wonderful program that helps feed the children in our community when school is NOT in session! You can find out more about them here: http://elkriverblessings.webs.com/ You won't get this opportunity with regular school pictures! A list of acceptable items are below. If you'd like to make additional moneytary donations or additional food donations, please bring them to your session. We are so grateful for your help! Thank you for helping the kids in our community!

EXAMPLE List of items to donate:
Fruit cups, 100% real fruit Juice, applesauce, soups, boxed mac and cheese, cereals, soy milk, pudding, pretzels, crackers, nutragrain bars, pop tarts & other kid friendly, non refrigerated foods!