FAQ for clients

If you don’t see your question answered on here, feel free to shoot me an e-mail!

How long does this process take?
From start to finish, the process for a custom family portrait session can actually take a couple months, depending on your schedule and my workload. Here’s a time line for a typical session:

  • 1-2 hours – the session itself

  • Once your session takes place, it's usually about 3-4 weeks to see your gallery

  • You'll receive an email with your log in information

  • You'll have 7 days to place your order. Once you've ordered and I receive your payment it can take up to 3 weeks to receive your prints. It may take longer for custom items or Frames.

How much does it cost?
Please see the Prices and info section of the website

Do you offer your services out side of WV?
Yes! For the last few years, I have offered Beach sessions and decided this year to offer "DESTINATION SESSIONS". So if you're planning a trip somewhere fun (Example: the beach, Pigeon Forge, Ohio, Florida, etc.) and would like me to photograph your family, just email me the details! I've heard so many say their vacation family session was ruined by a photographer with a bad attitude or photographer who had no idea what he was doing, or over charged because he could get away with it. With me, you know exactly what you're getting and quality is my priority, plus I'm your WV photographer so you know I'm right here if you have questions, or need anything! I'll give you an all inclusive package quote! Just email me!

Do you do weddings?
Yes. However I can only photograph 2 a year due to being booked with family sessions.

Do you photograph births or offer birth photography?

Yes. Only in the Charleston area though.

When should we hold my maternity photography session?
I usually try to do maternity photos in the 3rd trimester.

How do I schedule my newborn photo session when I don’t know when s/he will be born?
Just tell me your estimated due date and then I’ll block off some time around that. When your baby finally does make his/her entrance, contact me as soon as you can and we will set a specific date from there. I ask that newborn sessions are held within 10 days of birth…that is when you’re going to get the most cooperation for all those adorable newborn poses. The MOST important thing, however, is to book your session as soon as you can WHILE you’re pregnant. Please don’t wait until your baby is born as my schedule fills up very quickly and I don’t want you to be left without newborn images.

Do you offer a “Baby’s First Year” package?
Yes. It's called the Baby Plan. Check it out under the pricing and info section.

Can you photograph a birthday party, family reunion, or do you offer event photography?
Typically my schedule does not allow for this. Email me and if it's far enough in advance, I may be able too!

Do you offer classes or can you show me how to use my camera?
Sure do! MAMARAZZI Academy Photography Workshops! These workshops are geared toward moms, not professionals or those wanting to become professionals. I have developed and easy, fun workshop that ends up like a girls night out :) During those four hours, you get to hang out at my home, eat and learn all about photography, lighting, your camera, etc! I hold these workshops usually twice per year! Please email me if you're interested in the next one and I'll get you some information!

How did you get started ? What kind of training did you have?

I got started much like every other mom who does photography: taking pictures of my kids. I did have a fascination with photography growing up and took classes in high school but I didn’t really know what I was doing at all. Once my first child was born and I saw how quickly he was growing and realized that I couldn't keep him from growing and changing so I needed to capture as much of him as I could. I bought a Canon Rebel Xti and I just dove in, head first! I joined groups on Flickr, and asked questions to photographers that inspired me. And that’s that. I just learned by reading and doing and making a lot of mistakes along the way. I've come so far and I never want to stop learning and growing! I'm always testing myself to see what I can to better, more creatively!

What should I/we wear to the session? How can I pick the right clothing?
Color is GOOD! Please try to avoid wearing white. It's usually not flattering and difficult to photograph. You'll want to also avoid being too “matchy” but instead be color coordinated. Pick something with a pattern for one and take colors from that pattern for everyone else! I love pops of color so red high heels or a yellow scarf really brighten things up!

Where will we hold the session? Do I come to your studio? What are some good locations?
We will hold the session wherever we want, but it’s very important that we work together to determine the best location. Once your session is booked, tell me about the kind of feel you want to your images or let me know which images speak most to you on my website and we can determine the best location for your session. I offer studio session but currently it is only for children, newborn to senior. Not full family shots.

I’m nervous about dealing with the digital files. Will you tell me how to print them and where to go to get prints made?
No worries. I provide very simple instructions along with my personal printer recommendations on your image CD.

What size can I print the images?
These are high resolution images so you can pretty much go as big as you want.

Do you offer Christmas cards or birth announcements?
Yes! I do create cards and announcements for session clients. These are custom designs and are always, unique to you and your images. But of course, If you purchase a disk of your own, you can certainly create your own cards and announcements as well.

Where do you get your business cards, thank you cards, albums, books, etc. printed?
I use several different printers and vendors, but they do not serve the general public.